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English Creme Golden Retrievers, our specialty. European Creme Champion parents on site.

"A beautiful thing never so much pain gives as does failing to hear and see it." ~ Michelangelo

 Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2016!  Email charity@southbranchgoldens.com for puppy availability. 




The puppies below have all gone to their new homes and are shown for reference only. 

South Branch Golden Puppies...HAVE ARRIVED!!!

and just in time for BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Yeah!






The puppies shown below have all gone to their new homes and are pictured for reference only:)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013!! From all of us at South Branch Goldens...


Thank you for visiting our site and thanks to our many wonderful South Branch families! South Branch Goldens...Goldens Since 1950!

And, our newest import to hit the scene...Becker! Obviously paying no mind to the Danger sign on the wood splitter, Becker calmly soaks up some warm October sunshine. He's a big help and actually quite handy with the chainsaw:)
Becker Splitting Wood
Summertime Sittin' 2012

Summer Strolling

The Easter Bunny left more than jelly beans and pastel marshmallow chicks in Lainey's basket this year...

Laine & South Branch Golden Puppies

See more pictures of us and information on reserving a South Branch Goldens puppy on the Puppy Info link.

All the Puppies shown above and below have been reserved and are pictured for reference and smiles only:)

Here we are smaller: Ah...this is the life. Napping in the sun, dreaming of surf, sand, seashells and pina coladas on the beach. Soft tropical breeze blowin' through our fur...coconut palms...the smell of the sea...paradise!

Spring 2012 South Branch Puppies

Dude, did you forget to pack the sunscreen??? Hey, wake up, I'm gettin' a little crispy on the back side!

South Branch Spring 2012 Puppies



SUPER PUPPY...tah dah!!! Spanning the globe to stomp out crime...er...I mean to find a sweet family to give lots of kisses, yeah, kisses, licks, tail waggin' fun...no kryptonite needed for that stuff! See more info on me on the Puppy Info link...:)



The puppies below have been reserved and are pictured for reference only. Please contact us for details on upcoming litters.

Holiday 2011 Puppies

All this Merry Making and Holiday Cheer makes me SLEEPY! Or maybe it's the Tryptophan. Too much Turkey & Gravy...NEVER!


Holiday Boys, Above...Holiday Girls, Below...Fa La La La La...La La La La...Hmmm...and Adults sing these songs?



All the puppies pictured below are from previous litters and have gone to their new homes. They are shown for reference only. 

Olive & Travis Fall 2011 Puppies


Thank you for visiting South Branch Goldens. Please bookmark our site and tell your friends.

Now in our 62nd Year, South Branch Goldens has been dedicated to raising healthy, loving Golden Retrievers. From our home, to yours...

Please see our  Puppy Info Link for more information and contact us to reserve a puppy from our current or an upcoming litter. 

South Branch Puppies, Summer 2010 below (these puppies have all gone to their new homes:)

Handsome South Branch Male Puppy Summer 2010

When we were little...

Summer 2010 South Branch Goldens Puppies

Please see more pictures of us on our Puppy Info Link. These puppies have all gone to their new homes and are shown for reference only.

Meet the newest addition to the South Branch Family...Haker z Zaglebia AKA Becker. Becker is a Polish Champion but, more importantly, he is an amazing boy, extremely gentle and friendly with intelligence to go along with his good looks!

See more pictures of our male champions Becker, Roy and Travis on our Polish Champion link. Please call Charity at 920-277-6015 for information on upcoming puppies from our handsome boys Becker, Roy and Travis!

Becker the landscaping supervisor



South Branch customers are individuals and families looking for the best quality pet available. At South Branch, we take every step possible, from proper nutrition and exercise, to seeking out top international bloodlines for our breeding program, to ensure our puppies are genetically sound and healthy, with mild and gentle temperaments. Our goldens are bred to be consistent with the Golden Retriever Breed Standard.

From our Central Wisconsin location, our Goldens have found their way into hearts and homes across the nation. From Alaska to Virginia, from Arizona to Maryland and beyond, customers outside Wisconsin call us based soley on referrals from their friends and family here in the Midwest. We've added this website to help tell stories; those of our customers, our family, and our South Branch Goldens.

From our home to yours, a South Branch Golden will bring joy to you and your family for many years to come. Take it from a family who knows. If you're looking for a loving companion who'll be by your side through all of life's surprises, you've come to the right place. A South Branch Golden can brighten even the most dreary days with a nuzzle or a wag or a lick or an understanding look from those deep brown eyes. That unconditional love is a key characteristic of the breed and one of the many reasons we continue to do what we do at South Branch. Provide you with the best quality pet possible.

Previous litter photo

South Branch English Creme Litter Boys

What makes a South Branch Golden so special?
Health and Temperament. The two key ingredients of a top quality Golden Retriever. 
Experience has taught us that sound genetics, proper care and nutrition, and environment all go hand in hand in raising the best and brightest Goldens.

Extra care is also taken to monitor the individual characteristics of our puppies in the weeks prior to pick up or delivery. At the point of sale, this information is relied upon to determine the perfect match for our customers.

Previous litter photo

Nora & Reed with English Creme Puppies South Branch Goldens

We've had many repeat South Branch customers over the years. A true testament to the quality and excellent temperament of our beautiful Goldens.


South Branch Golden Retrievers Offers:

  • Gorgeous Coat Colors ranging from Medium Golden, to Buff, to White English Creme
  • AKC Pedigree
  • Hips Guaranteed; OFA Clearance
  • Micro Chip Identification
  • International, American and European Champion Lineages to produce the Best Pet available
  • European aka English Creme Genetics and Bloodlines
  • Standard Breed Size
  • Presale Vaccinations and Medications
  • Parents DNA Tested
  • Family-Raised, Well-Socialized
  • Shipping and Delivery Available
  • Follow Up Care Instructions and Consultation
For more information on Care and Nutrition of your pet check our tips and recommendations.
South Branch Goldens are registered with the American Kennel Club.

Previous litter photo

southbranch pups 4-23-08

We want to extend a sincere thank you to those members of our South Branch Family. We appreciate you choosing South Branch and wish you all the best as you nurture, love and develop a lasting bond with your new family member! 

God Bless~South Branch Goldens

A Prayer of Thanks...

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

--Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) 

And...also for our wonderful Goldens and South Branch customers...

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